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The little I talked to John, he was incredibly professional, and willing to assist. I highly recommend this guy to everyone. I will be honest, a lot of the time people will be amazing at first, then after it goes sour and spirals down. It’s okay to be skeptic about it. I would totally understand because I’ve been screwed over so many times, and I never listen to my initial feeling. However, John was the complete opposite, I did not get any feeling but excitement to work with him for any of my repairs that he is able to do. The kicker is he hasn’t even came out yet, just the little bit I spoke with him and the willingness he was wanting to help and willing to help, was pretty awesome. Most of the time they want to secure money, then help. John was the opposite. I look forward to working with him.

Brandon Sanchez

Highly recommended. Thank you John

Just tuned up my snow blower and it runs like new. Couldn't be happier with the service.

Finished up at my place, a power leaf vacuum n tune up on my snow blower. Great job and I didn’t have to haul the stuff. Highly recommend

Did some work for me he is awesome!!

Leo Lovato

Thank you again for your service I will be contacting you again for some more work on a few more things

Doug M Kilpatrick

I have had John repair several items. I find him to be very dependable. His prices are very reasonable and he is well trained to fix anything with a small engine. He always stands behind his work. Highly recommend.

Harold Bateman

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